Do I love my camera?

Willow Glow

Willow Glow

Er, no.

This is a question I’ve been asked on more than one occasion. Some people seem under the impression that unless you have an intimate love for your camera – quite what that entails I don’t know, and I’m not sure I want to either – then you are not going to produce any worthwhile images. Hmmmmm….

As far as I’m concerned my camera bodies and, for that matter, the rest of my gear, are just tools of the trade so to speak; a means to an end. Yes, I have an intimate knowledge of my equipment, insofar as I know which knobs to twiddle, when, how and, most importantly, why (I even clean it occasionally) but I can categorically state that love doesn’t come into it one iota….not even a teensey one.

You see love implies some give and take, sharing, acceptance of imperfection but that just isn’t the case with me and the black box. I give it nothing, I share nothing and I demand perfection. I decide which ISO, aperture and shutter speed to use, which lens to attach, which filter(s), if any will be added. It has no say in our relationship whatsoever; I tell it what to do and it obeys.

People say I have vision, for which I thank them, and it’s putting that vision into practice making images, that I love; not the equipment. As I’ve already stated, I have an intimate knowledge of my equipment and, just as a wood turner knows intuitively which chisel to use, or an artist knows which brush to use and how to use it to create a masterpiece, it’s this knowledge which allows my equipment operation to become second nature, and therefore lets me concentrate one hundred percent on my vision and create my images – the equipment really is just the tool to produce the end product of my vision, nothing more.


About Kris Dutson

I'm an award winning professional with over thirty years experience as a photographer. I specialise in atmospheric landscapes, which you will find on this website, endeavouring to capture that elusive feel that is so important in a good photograph using the vagaries of the English weather to my advantage. I also carry this ethos through to other photography genres, especially my architectural commissions. My land & seascape work is available as prints, canvases, cards, calendars and a book. These can be bought from my website, craft fairs,galleries, shops and selected Dorset tourist information centres. I also offer workshops for both budding amateurs and more advanced photographers wishing to improve their photographic techniques, and RAW processing and Photoshop courses. I also undertake commercial product photography commissions ranging from small items like jewellery and food, through to larger items such as vehicles and buildings. Kris Dutson
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